About the company

Simmo World Food AB is a leading wholesaler and food importer / distributor in Sweden. The company was founded in 1991 and has since its establishment worked for a business idea that provide good food and beverages from around the world.
With genuine knowledge of our products and direct contact with producers around the world,  Simmo World Food have managed to become the leading distributor of oriental food products in Scandinavia. Today, our turnover is estimated at 60 million a year, and our clientele is growing both in Sweden and abroad.

Simmo World Food AB markets several of the great oriental trademarks such as Cebe, Buram, Mykonos, Uludag, Hektor, Faragello, Occa, Ernesto, Nefise, Gazi, The Oriental, Mecca Food, Jefi, Sera and several well-known international trademarks.

Our products include a full line of canned, frozen, cold and packaged foods, dairy products, baked goods, beverages, nuts, dried fruit and much more.

Simmo World Food AB currently imports directly from the following countries: Lebanon, China, Peru, Brazil, Turkey, Egypt, Spain, Denmark, England, Greece, Cyprus, Holland, Poland, Germany, Bulgaria, Belgium, and Others

We have our own trucks that deliver in Gothenburg and agreements with several leading transport company for delivery within and outside Sweden.

Simmo World Food AB is aligned with REPA which means taking responsibility for packaging, plastic, metal, paper / cardboard and corrugated board in accordance with environmental grounds.